Resolve all troubles of casting!

Get works from all over the world
Everyone in all positions related to casting industry
their time axis will change dramatically.

Worries of the side to offer a work

  • Even how many times of audition, still cannot get the best and should be compromised
  • Don't you feel dreadful to arranging time and place for audition, spending time on shooting, editing and only to show those to directors, agencies and clients?
  • Don't you feel hard to negotiating with agencise when there is no budget to use casting agency?
  • Don't you want to eliminate the unneed processes like analog dealings with casting agency, analog audition to call a large number of people?
  • Don't you want to do casting all over the world being faster and certainly?
  • ...etc

Worries of the side to get a work

  • If I got a work or part-time job on the audition day, so it's mean I lost the chance at first?
  • Is that a huge afford for the transportation fee to the casting location, also the time raising for waiting to shoot the basic casting video?
  • Want more chance but don't want to waste time and cost?
  • Are you interested in a tool which is more effective to get a work and replace your promotion activity to casting agencies?
  • Don't you want to get works from all over the world and cooperate with some new agencies?
  • ...etc

Resolve all the troubles of casting

Speedy, simple cloud service with accuracy


Systematization the analog casting process, so time and cost will be cut off. safe cloud service with accuracy

  • Skip the audition

    Able to request for a sample casting video, so that audition can be skipped.
    (of course you can ask some of them to cast face to face)

  • Huge Database

    People with talent (model, actor, athlete, etc.) were registered in the database.
    (Currently 30,000 talents)

  • Unique search engine with accuracy

    Able to search from various conditions, so it is possible to hit the one you want.

  • Get real time notification from the app

    Search 「クラキャス」in app store and download the fee app 「」
    Also it is able to get push notification through your smart phone

  • Safe interaction

    Trusted agencies and organizations were registered in database, so you are relief to use the service.



  • Want to cast Asian models who were born in 24/12 for a TVCM.
  • Want to cast mixed blood twins that can do backflip for an internet CM
  • Want to cast primary school students who got 900 points in TOEIC with their mothers for a poster shooting
  • Want to cast black male models who have 185cm height and good at dance for a catalog shooting
  • Want to have 40’s female models who love sports and SNS total followers over 100,000 to upload post for product
  • Want to have opinions about a new products from 20's male models who are homebirth living and have a dog

Flow of use

1. Company registration

Before start, please register simply company details for free.

2. Register cases

Please write your request in the register form. If there is no question to your registered contents, we will confirm the case and start casting process.

3. Audition

According to the request of the case, clocas's staff will do searching in the system, then pick up some talents and send offer to their agencies. (e.g. 500 talents)
After that, talents who accept the offer can be entry to the audition. (e.g. 200 talents)
In those, we will do selection on the system again and pick up some talents suggest to you before the deadline of the entry. (e.g. 50 talents)
You are able to do selection from our suggestion and request for more casting video.
You are also able to do face to face audition with some of them.

4. From confirm to workday

After confirmed and until the workday , you can do all commutation on clocas. Please contact us if you want clocas staff in meeting or shooting.

5. From workday to billing

After the workday, invoice will publish on clocas. We will issue an invoice of casting fee that included performance fee on clocas. Please finish the payment on the end of the day in the following month.

1. Agencies, organization registration

Before start, please register simply company details for free.
After registration, you will receive account details and you can start using the system.

2. Talents registration

After Login, agency top page will be shown. Please register or edit talents profile.
Especially ,[hobby / Skills / qualifications], in the [other information] column, please fill in as much as possible of the information.
It makes easier to correspond to more opportunities in the search.

3. Offer and entry

When there is a work request, we will send an offer to talents who hit the search conditions.
Offer will be send by e-mail or apps notificastion, please check the work details (the contents, conditions, schedule, etc.) before entry.
Also, if there is a request of video based on the case, please upload before entry.

4. Audition

According to the basics profile (photos, profile information, basic video), additional videos, final decision will be made or some of the talents will be picked up.
You may also asked to do face to face audition.

5. From workday to payment

After the workday, please send us the bill.
Payment will pay on the end of the day in the second following month.
Billing address : 1409,1-4-8 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,141-0031
Aipro Inc