Achieving work style
reform through casting

Time, people, places...we will reduce various costs

What is clocas?

It is a sales agent/casting system on the cloud that is highly accurate, safe, and secure, and greatly reduces time and effort by systematizing the work that was done with conventional analog casting.

  • From searching to casting, complete it online
  • Increase casting accuracy with the largest database in Japan!
  • About security and safety

We will solve these issues

  • I want to reduce the time it takes for auditions and the hassle of making adjustments.
  • I want to quickly and reliably conduct casting that meets my needs.
  • I want to be able to know in advance the costs and performance fees of the performers.

Flow of usage

  • Create an account and register the project

    First, create an account (free).
    Next, enter the casting requests from the project registration form.
    Our company will confirm the content, after which the selection within clocas will begin.

  • Select and decide the candidates

    clocas will select and offer candidates based on your project information.
    You can narrow the list of candidates that meet the offer conditions, and you can also request additional documents or actually meet them.

  • Operation ~ Payment

    After the casting is decided, further necessary exchanges are performed within clocas until the filming date.
    After the work is done, an invoice will be issued from clocas. At this point we ask that you pay the casting fee, which includes the performance fee.

Plans and pricing

Please contact us for more details about the plans and pricing.


April 23rd, 2019 press release We have signed a strategic business capital alliance with VECTOR Inc. and procured funds.